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The savage of LANCE ARMSTRONG said one day: I have the power and the money to destroy you.”

He was wrong. The real power has always emerged from the TRUE. 

We the AMATEURS have the right and true power from ours side . We work, we train. We are totally clean.  Our value is amazing.

TOPANA is a design made for all those amateur cyclist worried about the DOPING into the amateur level. Fair play cyclist will bring a strong image and a strong message to the cheaters: 

I  W I L L   F U C K I N G    D E S T R O Y    Y O U

Sooner or later… with training, patience and with own right… we will destroy to the cheaters.


 Match this bibs with #MANIWO jersey to get a discount


  • Unique paneling develop by WEOUTDOOR
  • Confortable as hell
  • 4cm extra length legs
  • Thinest silicone injected ending cuffs.
  • Doble stitching for whole bibs
  • Italian fabrics on bibs and pants. MITI shield 
  • AERO performancing fabric on main area
  • CHAMOIS women and man:
    • High density foam sweatband
    • Microperforations for better ventilation 
    • Antibacterial treatment.