#MOODser | Express yourself

#MOODser | Express yourself
#MOODser | Colors, prints and other energetic expressions. 
We need air to ride. Space and air to get separated from a so intense rhythm of life
The draw you chose for of your tires is also the draw leaved by your mark-print on the world. The manner you move over the terrain has an specific demand to resolve.
At the end, this is the same thing in your life.
Which trace do you want to legate?
How do you want they read or understand you?
How or who do you want they follow you?
How are you going to express your self?
Creating a path, to leave your own mark-print and expressing on the manner you like to move, is at the end to allow yourself be who you are..
MOOD serie is an state on mind. Express yourself with no fear whenever, however and wherever you chose.