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The most versatile garment in a cyclist's closet. The windstopper is an essential product which can be used during all most all seasons during the year. It is a light garment and easy to carry that multiply the usage range for all the rest of the summer and winter jersey.

  • CONTINUOUS FRONT PANEL. We have removed the first side seam to make the water and the wind come out better. Just 1 stitching.
  • DOUBLE PULLER. It's amazing how this little gesture can change both a garment. Just try it!
  • MAIN THE GAP. A single big back opening takes the total width of the back mesh. More easy access to any pocket of any jersey.


  • STRECH M. 110G | ELASTIC MEMBRRANE  which is the main difference between a standard windstopper and a high-end quality windstopper.  Wind and water repellent, but also with properties of an ergonomic and functional fabric: elasticity and breathable from inside to outside.
  • AUX RANDOM MESH | Very light mesh fabric, bi-elastic and super breathable for the back.