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THE DRAFT | Bestpoke road bikes and carbon frame sets

Our relation with The Draft is based on a same vision of the cyclin scene: To create an unique product for all that cyclist non-conformist. This High Quality NAVY cap is the first design we design and produce for them.  

  •  Traditional Cotton Cap
  •  Italian Made
  •  Anti-Bacterial tape band 
  •  Back Elastic Ending
  •  Seam covered
  • S/M or L/XL sizes

"Cycling has been a channel during the last years. A channel to creation. Creatives and over all, Makers as a new profile on the commercial and cyclist scene all over the world, are getting big, strong and delicious. One thing of the very best, is knowing that kind of profiles or people. And realize that they are all genuine . Different ways, paths and manners to do something new. To create something."