#WOOPser | 富士山 FUJISAN


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FujiSan, located at 135N 24S on Honshu Island. The highest mountain in Japan at 3,776.24 m (more than 12ft) is well know and recurrent topic at traditional Japanese art. The volcano has a second peak called Hoeizan. 

Fu (富) means richness or abundance.  ji (士) means "samurai". Lastly,  san (山) means mountain. This amazing and lonely Volcano is admired as a sample of class that inspires people to be as high as it is, in a spiritual sense.



      The Fuji inspires us to design a jersey from the most important moment of the history of this "mountain" the last eruption. A moment of so much power that exploit with an amazing energy to create a new shape for eternity. 


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