#WOOPser | 錦鯉 KOI

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The KOI jersey design is based on a pattern-print created from random animal movement. Remember WO is inspired by the outside world.
More than a hundred of happy Kois moving into the water create some kind of layers from guidelines and "fish events" that helps us to create this colorful mosaic and lines of jerseys.


INFO Maillot Serie Pro de WEOUTDOOR

High End Slim summer Jersey with aero cutting, manufactured with light fabrics and oriented to warm conditions or high performance.  We created an amateur jersey with PRO functionalities, made with soft fabrics , ergonomic and exclusive paneling to get a great race fitting.
Extra lenght on sleeves
High and tight back pockets
Low full circular collar


NAKO doble channe  125 grams. UVA 30.  Quick dry and highly breathable.
UVA 25, quick dry antibacterial treatment.
Optional sleeve cuff for end sleeve  COOL 21. (Opc.)
YKK hidden zip camlock puller
Full elastic waistband with anti-slip grip
Recommended Temperature range of usage  16º/18º to 40º


Doubts? mail to: info@weoutdoor.cc